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Free DIY Home Snowmaking Machine Plans

For years we sold our home snowmaking machines to people all over the world. This was never our plan, but money was tight and people wanted snowmakers. Now, we no longer need the income and have made the plans for our DIY snowmakers free so everyone can enjoy snow, just like it should be.

Step 1

Complete Parts List & Where to Find Them

Home Snowmaker Parts List
snowmaker parts

Step 2

Assembling the Parts (& Tools Required)

Assembling Your DIY Snowmaker
assembling the snowmaker

Step 3

The Air Compressor: What You'll Need

Air Compressor Requirements
air compressor

Step 4

The Pressure Washer: What You'll Need

Pressure Washer Requirements
pressure washer

Step 5

Making Snow for the First Time

Getting Started Making Snow
how to make snow
Ready to go? Step 1: Parts you need & where to find them »